Tensegrity across musical meshworks

I am developing a method of composition called “pantonal tensegrity”—a method which guides my self-referential weaving of harmony, melody, and select voice-leading traditions. Continue reading

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Explanation of the term “Pohjolander” as my online pseudonym. Continue reading

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A Snapshot of Modern Neurosis (2012), for two voices and marimba

Frivolous musical short for two voices and marimba, submitted as an online curiosity for a musical crowd-sourcing experiment. Continue reading

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Called to Song, for mixed voices & piano

Choral work-in-progress with an original text (written from a father’s perspective) which recognizes music as innate to human behaviour. Continue reading

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Interlude No. 1, “Radiance” (2011), for vibraphone (1 or 2 performers)

Cover Art for Ryan Marttala's Radiance (2011)

4-mallet vibraphone solo or duet which reflects upon the recurring theme of light in story, using the sustained and intermingling tones of the vibes as the auditory equivalent of unobstructed and refracting light. Continue reading

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O Burning Mountain (2010), for mixed voices (6 or 12 performers)

Cover art for Ryan Marttala's O Burning Mountain (2010)

A cappella chamber choir work for sextet or double sextet, with a 13th-century devotional text expressing humility, gratitude, and awe towards all of creation. Continue reading

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Muse Excite score use policy

Oh-so-exciting explanation of legal issues regarding the use of scores made available on Muse Excite. Continue reading

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