Each case is unique, but you may wish to commission a new musical work to:

  • contribute to the repertoire
  • share and preserve knowledge or a story
  • use custom music as a means to comfort or express joy
  • bind music with rituals that socialize hope
  • honour someone remarkable
  • mark an occasion
  • create new artistic challenges
  • demonstrate the strengths of particular performers or instruments
  • accompany media/events to evoke emotional responses

If you’re interested in contacting Ryan for a commission, you can look at the Schedule of Minimum Commissioning Fees published by the Canadian League of Composers (CLC). All commissions are open to negotiation, with questions such as instrumentation, voicing, length, performance difficulty, and completion date, but this CLC resource can be a helpful guideline.

Ryan’s interests include:

  • inventing, and making use of, pantonal tensegrity
  • composing concert music
  • mixing electroacoustic sound art
  • exploring the performing power of story and wordplay
  • adding music to silent film, and vice versa
  • identifying or creating texts which support pluralistic co-existence and the use of reason

Compelled to create and share, I make my original scores and recordings freely available on this website, for the purposes of research, private study, criticism, and review. For legal issues regarding the use of scores made available on Muse Excite, check out the score use policy.

To discuss commissions, performances, recordings, adaptations, or commercial licensing, text Ryan at 226-456-0926.

Any information about performances would be a welcome addition to my music site, Muse Excite, while the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) administers the performing rights for my works.

All of my scores are produced using MuseScore, a free and open-source scorewriter available within the Ubuntu operating system.

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