Called to Song, for mixed voices & piano

Choral work-in-progress with an original text (written from a father’s perspective) which recognizes music as innate to human behaviour:

Quick Facts about Called to Song:

  • A work in progress
  • The beginning and end are fairly complete; the middle is sketched
  • It appears there will be two female solo parts

Detailed Description of Called to Song:

As I play with my daughter I remember that play is not frivolous, but essential, that it is in human nature to play together, and that play has been important for our collective survival by encouraging a diversity of interactions, behaviours, and connections. Play is the glue that binds us all together. (Behncke, 2011)

I also play with music: a universally recognized form of play. It is with music I rediscover creativity, fellowship, and wonder with each turn. Called to Song recognizes music as innate to human behaviour (Levitin, 2008), and acknowledges our darkness by encouraging songs of “light”: friendship, joy, comfort, knowledge, love, and gratitude.

The text is my own, and the score for mixed voices and piano will be completed in the near future.

Called to Song / by Ryan Marttala

We’re called to song while we draw breath,

In the dark hours,

With music, voice, and light—

To share with music, voice, and light;

As paint sings off the child’s brush

To reveal grass and flowers,

She hums a tune,

She hums an honest tune.

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